Smile Makeover

If you’re unhappy with the way your teeth look, you can often feel self-conscious when smiling, talking or eating. If teeth are irreversibly stained, crooked or worn, or you have irregular gaps, your confidence can be seriously affected, you may avoid having photos taken when you’re smiling, or avoid certain social situations altogether. Either way, if you want the ultimate cosmetic change for your teeth and smile, a new you, then a smile makeover could be the answer.

At Bounds Green Dental & Implants in Wood Green, Haringey, we see many many patients each year looking for a life changing smile makeover so their special occasion; a wedding, important work event or a special holiday, is as good as it can be. Special occasions should provide special memories for life and a perfect smile captured in photos and videos will keep you smiling forever.

At our dentists in Wood Green we appreciate every face is different and every smile unique so your experience starts with a consultation where we find out what you do not like about your teeth, what type of smile is best for you and what is the most suitable treatment.

More discreet, cost efficient, painless and less time-consuming than you may imagine, smile makeover treatments include:

Ask your Wood Green dentist for information if you’d like to improve your smile with a Smile Makeover.

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