Teeth Grinding

Bruxism a condition, also commonly known as tooth grinding or clenching, is a common problem that affects many of us at different stages throughout our lives. This Teeth grinding is often related to stress. Under certain circumstances, an adjustment to the occlusion of the teeth (ie. to the bite) after a traumatic injury to the jaw joint or after a filling is placed can cause bruxism and lead to the classic signs and symptoms of this condition. Sometimes the pain identified with teeth grinding can be confused with wisdom tooth pain. Although bruxism can occur during the day , it usually occurs while you are sleeping.

Sometimes the pain associated with teeth grinding can be confused with wisdom tooth pain. Although tooth grinding /clenching can occur during the day, it usually occurs whilst you are asleep.

The main signs and symptoms of a teeth grinding/clenching problem are:

  • Biting surfaces of the teeth becomes flat or worn
  • Biting surfaces becomes extra sensitive to sugars and cold
  • Tenderness and tension in the muscles surrounding the jaw
  • Waking in the morning with a jaw or neck pain or a headache.
  • Disturbed sleep

If you’ve concerns about any of the above symptoms please contact the practice as there are a variety of treatments we can offer to alleviate the pain and tooth wear associated with tooth grinding/clenching.

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